Photo Update

More Walkers mean More Photos!


Rev. Sawada  and Jimmy Joe of Santa Barbara Chumash, in front of Vandenberg AFB. March 8

After this photo was taken, they begin walking, only to be stopped by the police. See how it unfolded at:


Roadside lunch.


Day 5. Rev. Sawada  and Jimmy Joe are joined by Umi and Elia.


Walking through Guadalupe…


And Highway 1, through farmland…



And the eucalyptus groves of The Mesa.


Lunch break begins with stretches.


Umi Hagitani works with No Nukes Action Committee in Oakland, as well as Japan.


Will our future generations have the Monarch butterflies? Yes, in a nuclear free world!


Mother for Peace, Gail Comer conferring with Rev. Sawada.


And, back on the road towards Oceano and Grover Beach.


Day 5 ends at the Grover Beach Amtrak Station.


Peace Walk – Day Five

Day Five of the weeklong Peace Walk! Bay Area activists join Sawada and Jimmy Joe from Guadalupe.

They are walking up Highway 1, with a short detour on Halcyon Road (coming down from the Mesa) before getting back onto Highway 1. Then, towards Oceano and Grover Beach. The walk will end near the Grove Beach Amtrak station.

See cool photos on the Mothers for Peace Facebook page.

Peace Walk – Day Four

Beautiful weather and kind spirits. We feel this Peace Walk is blessed. There is magic and synchronicity in the air.

Today, we started walking from the main gates of Vandenberg Air Force Base. They are still launching test missiles from here.

The walk will take San Antonio Rd. ( just south of Vandenberg) to Lompoc Casmalia Rd. To Casmalia, then back on Highway 1to Guadalupe. We’ll walk along gorgeous farmlands — something the people of Fukushima have lost forever.

Peace Walk – Update & Revision

The weather has been beautiful and the spirits kind. Our Peace Walk has been going very well — so well in fact that we are revising our schedule a bit:


March 6: Arrive at Vandenberg Air Force Base

March 7: Vandenberg to Guadalupe (Highway 1)

March 8: Guadalupe to Arroyo Grande (Highway 1)

March 9: Arroyo Grande to San Luis Obispo

March 10: Downtown San Luis Obispo to Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant


The Prayer Vigil is still happening according to the original schedule, on the 11th, from 8am.