Peace Walk – Heartfelt Thanks

It is hard to truly express our gratitude in words to all who supported this Peace Walk. We could not have done this without the kindness and generosity of everyone involved. The outpouring of love was an incredible feeling and a burst of light in the darkness of the Fukushima tragedy.

Thanks also to the many who did not know about this Walk but waved and smiled at us along the way.

Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Geh Kyo        南無妙法蓮華経

Fukushima Third Anniversary Event at the Steynberg Gallery – Photos

The culmination of the Peace Walk was a public event hosted by San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace, featuring the movie “Women of Fukushima” and speakers Umi Hagitani and Jerry B. Brown, Director of the Safe Energy Project at World Business Academy.

The World Business Academy recently released a report on the health status of residents living near Diablo Canyon. (Please see full report at: )

The event ended on a spiritual and hopeful note, with Jimmy Joe of the Santa Barbara Chumash peoples reminding us what his ancestors have understood for eons – that we are all connected in this world: the people, all living things, as well as the land, water and air – and Reverend Sawada Gyosen offering one last prayer.


SLO Mothers for Peace spokesperson, Jane Swanson greets guests at the Steynberg Gallery


SLO Mothers for Peace spokesperson, Linda Seeley MCs the Fukushima Third Anniversary event.


Umi Hagitani of No Nukes Action Committee


Jerry B. Brown, Director of the Safe Energy Project for the World Business Academy


Rev. Sawada and Chumash Jimmy Joe give us a spiritual message to take home.



Peace Walk – Day Seven and Prayer Vigil Photos

March 10 was the last day of the Peace Walk, with the Walkers gathering at The Mission in San Luis Obispo and walking to Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.

Walking in the direct shadow of Diablo’s influence, we expected some heckling and negative feedback, but to our surprise, the response from drivers that passed us was overwhelmingly encouraging: thumbs up, waves and smiles! Thank you, San Luis Obispoan!

March 11, the third anniversary of Fukushima, began with a beautiful prayer session at the gates of Diablo Canyon. Joining Sawada and the Peace Walkers were members of the Chumash Nation and Pilulaw Khus, Mother of the Bear Clan and Ceremonial Leader who performed a traditional blessing.

Reverend Sawada prayed all day, on a knoll just above the main gates to Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, for all nuclear victims and for a nuclear free future.


Two Spiritual Elders — Reverend Sawada and Pilulaw Khus


Umi and Elia with Pilulaw.


At the morning prayer session — Chumash, Japanese, and European Americans all coming together.


Reverend Sawada prays at the gates of Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant.


SLO Mothers for Peace spokesperson, Linda Seeley being interviewed by a reporter for Information Press


Rev. Sawada being interviewed by a reporter from Al Jazeera TV.




Peace Walk – Day Six Photos

The Peace Walk continued on Day Six, with a slight hiccup – we had all forgotten it was the start of Daylight Saving Time and arrived at the Grover Beach Amtrak station an hour late!

The walk went from Grover Beach, through Pismo, Price Canyon, Edna Valley and into Downtown San Luis Obispo and Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, the end of Day Six.

“It was invaluable walking through the County,” said Umi. “I got to connect with the community that is most vulnerable should something happen at Diablo Canyon: the farms, the businesses, the farm workers, ranchers, tourists and students.”

We could not help but become emotional as we got closer to the anniversary of Fukushima…and closer to Diablo Canyon.


Peace Walkers in Price Canyon.





Meeting local residents along the way.


At Edna Valley Vineyard. Elia decides to “demonstrate” — isn’t that what the sign is suggesting?

Peace Walk – Schedule Update for Day Six and Seven

Sunday, March 9 is Day Six of the week-long Peace Walk. Route and schedule are as follows:

8:30am Gather at Grover Beach Amtrak Station

Walk up Highway 1 to Pismo Beach, turn up on Price Canyon, then Broad St. (227) towards San Luis Obispo. We plan to finish at Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa at the end of the day. Please join us!

On Monday, March 10, we will gather at The Mission at 8:30am and walk to Diablo Canyon, taking S. Higuera St., Ontario Rd., San Luis Bay Dr. and Avila Bay Dr.

Hope to see you there.


Photo Update

More Walkers mean More Photos!


Rev. Sawada  and Jimmy Joe of Santa Barbara Chumash, in front of Vandenberg AFB. March 8

After this photo was taken, they begin walking, only to be stopped by the police. See how it unfolded at:


Roadside lunch.


Day 5. Rev. Sawada  and Jimmy Joe are joined by Umi and Elia.


Walking through Guadalupe…


And Highway 1, through farmland…



And the eucalyptus groves of The Mesa.


Lunch break begins with stretches.


Umi Hagitani works with No Nukes Action Committee in Oakland, as well as Japan.


Will our future generations have the Monarch butterflies? Yes, in a nuclear free world!


Mother for Peace, Gail Comer conferring with Rev. Sawada.


And, back on the road towards Oceano and Grover Beach.


Day 5 ends at the Grover Beach Amtrak Station.

Peace Walk – Day Five

Day Five of the weeklong Peace Walk! Bay Area activists join Sawada and Jimmy Joe from Guadalupe.

They are walking up Highway 1, with a short detour on Halcyon Road (coming down from the Mesa) before getting back onto Highway 1. Then, towards Oceano and Grover Beach. The walk will end near the Grove Beach Amtrak station.

See cool photos on the Mothers for Peace Facebook page.